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General practitioners are often called the “dying breed” in the legal profession. Our goal is to “revive” the dying breed because we firmly believe there stands to be gained significant benefits to both the practitioners and his or her clients if the lawyers have a broad base of knowledge and skill sets. For example, a solicitor with knowledge in the court procedures and experiences arguing in the court would be able to craft a contract that will stand the scrutiny of the court. Similarly, a barrister with knowledge of the precise details of conveyance work would be more readily able to identify irregularities in a real estate transaction dispute.

Redman Law is the embodiment of our vision to create a firm foundation for a network of like-minded general practitioners to serve their unique clientele.

In a rapidly-changing world with technologies revamping businesses and most importantly, how people communicate, we see the future of general practice as one that will rely heavily on sharing of pooled resources but not necessarily all within the same physical office.

We are set out to create an alliance of general practitioners, each working in the office and the city of their choice to serve the communities that they are active in and love. Because when lawyers love where they are, what they do, ultimately it will be the clients who will benefit from the lawyers’ drive and passion to produce excellent work.

Redman Law’s head office is in Richmond, British Columbia and the branch office in Burnaby will be open in September 2019. In the near future, expansions are expected in Coquitlam and in Kelowna.